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We are a Phoenix-based crime and transportation defense company. Throughout Arizona, they have effective and aggressive felony and light crime prevention. We represent the CDL's holders of transportation and crime throughout the state. We represent our customers nationwide for crimes and civil traffic problems. We represent our employees on job issues, including unfair retirement, workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, wage claims and other workplace issues. We will discuss employment issues at a low cost, including the Retirement Agreement Review Conference. Provides LLC and Business Formation Services. Dell offers drafting and review services for small and medium business contracts. We provide property planning services, including will, trust formation, and attorney formation.





We have been using Tyler Allen for more than six years to support and consult with the Employment Law and the Track Transportation Law. The advice and instructions provided are always sound and reliable. I hire Tyler Allen to consult with him, and I use his work in terms of contracts, legal letters, and elimination measures. Thank you for your prompt response and your constant attention to details. Continue to work on Tyler as needed.

12/29/2020 03:02am



In my opinion, it's easy to get a ticket in Arizona. This time, I was very happy because they helped me get rid of bad records. The team was familiar and responsible. Be sure to recommend the company.

01/01/2021 02:11am



We asked Shannon Peters to represent us in civil suits. Overall, we were very pleased with the result. Shannon and the staff were very wonderful. I'm glad I used Tyler Allen. Shannon is very knowledgeable and has a rich sense of humor. She's really worried! To ask a better lawyer!

12/25/2020 03:25pm



Tyler Allen is a highly professional and aggressive lawyer who represents his clients at an affordable price. During my consultation, I felt confident and comfortable with Tyler. I strongly recommend Tyler and his company!

01/01/2021 04:02am



We were very satisfied with our telephone consultation with Tyler. I will definitely call him in the future. The communication from beginning to end was wonderful. I highly recommend it.

12/30/2020 06:49am



Tyler Allen is a trusted leading law firm. Tyler has accomplished what he has done, and he is very knowledgeable.
's law firm has done a great job in relation to his brother-in-law case. Affordable but reliable
law firm.

12/30/2020 11:15am



Working with Tyler is a great experience. We are very pleased with our staff to communicate well throughout the process. Recommended.

01/01/2021 09:57am



Mr. Tyler and his experienced legal team were able to fine the ticket for AZ speed violations with a much more reasonable fine in remote courts, which are not known for concessions. The result was far from good. They were professional and polite, and spent time listening to my situation. When I hear my situation, the fine and the penalty points will become very severe and could result in severe fines. Recommended  Tyler Allen Law Firm was established in Arizona for people who were speeding.

12/30/2020 07:25pm



Easily accessible and responsive.  He fell into a bad situation and gave me the necessary legal representation to persuade me.  a very supportive staff  Sincere, honest, and very respectful.  I can't say enough good about the efforts he made in my success case.

12/30/2020 09:07pm