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You deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. At Schiffman Puig* (Schiffman Puig PC), lawyers meet directly with customers and process their litigation through employee compensation and solving social security problems. You're relieved that a competent lawyer will fight for your rights.

Established in 1975


Since 1975, he has helped injured people and people with disabilities. Dell is focused on ensuring that you and your customers benefit. We have the resources, experience and compassion to work hard to protect your rights. Dell provides claims for all incidents of injury or damage that occur across Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff and Arizona. With respect to matters that require no more than two or more cooperation in compensation, personal injury, social security, or social security benefits for workers, our lawyers represent the wounded or persons with disabilities, and their families represent the first claim or application, and the hearing, including all stages of the appeal. We will give you a free consultation in order to respect your rights and let you know. We are focusing entirely on the Accident Act. Dell is committed to getting the best possible results and communicating information throughout the process. if you or someone you love are seriously injured, killed, or killed in an accident





Anna Schiffman's

No one can escape the challenge of life. Suddenly, I became physically disabled. It was a great pleasure for me to quickly acknowledge that Schiffman Puig Law Firm has found excellent technology to offer when needed. I started with Alan and Anna Schiffman (both lawyers), and I felt a sense of relief from all the exchanges that followed. To find out that there are lawyers with a humanitarian style and passion for justice. The SSA process expertise is amazing. Anna and all the team did a great job navigating me through SSA documents.
I am deeply committed to the Schiffman Pug, who will continue this complex journey.


1 13, 2016.  Many people first apply for themselves, wait until they are rejected, and then hire a lawyer to appeal.
It was a great decision to hire a lawyer in front of the gate and let me guide you through the process. On August 11, 2016, he was awarded the SSDI to remove the stress and dissatisfaction with the handling of red tape and the direct handling with SSA offices.
(about 7 months)
Your fault and case are different, so you have to go through the SSA.
Shiftman Puig, taking time to organize all your medical records will help you assess your personal situation in a timely manner!

                                                                                                    with sincerity
                                                                                                     C. R

12/26/2020 12:41pm



Anna and Alan are wonderful.  I was suffering from breast cancer, so I needed a lawyer to support my disability claim. Even though the doctor wouldn't let me work, he continued to be denied treatment.  Anna and Alan were with me through this long process, so I was able to recover from cancer without worrying about addressing this complex process.  All my questions were answered and I was informed to everyone.  As soon as I called the company, the phone came back, and the staff were kind, knowledgeable and polite.   Alain and Anna showed the real thing  As a person, I recommend that you do not hesitate to worry or worry.  

When Ana and Allan were handling my obstacles, I was in a car accident, so they treated me with the same professionalism and care that they would treat my obstacles.  The results of these two cases were good for me, and I contributed to prayer and PC Schiffman Puid's expertise and knowledge.  Thank you for the blessing of Anna and Allan

01/02/2021 07:42am