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IBC Law Farm is a business low company founded by Matthew E Lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona. This is the home in 2013. IBC's law firm believes it is important to provide competitive rates for services and results that exceed customer expectations. IBC's law firm is not interested in charging high prices for one-off projects. Our approach is to deliver competitive, intelligent, effective legal services at a low cost, in the hope of establishing long-term business relationships. Dell can help you grow your business, maintain protection, and realize your business potential.

Established in 2013


IBC Law Farm is a full-service business and financial law firm in Phoenix, Arizona. If you're looking for a business lawyer in Phoenix, you'll be right. Whether you need to launch an LLC, launch a company, sign a contract, or participate in a business transaction, or grow your business in a different way, the IBC law firm can offer excellent services at an affordable price.

Matthew E. In 2000, Holm received a bachelor's degree at Worcester University in Worcester, Ohio. After graduating from university, he moved to Los Angeles and worked as a private banker for the City Group and a stock broker for Merrill Lynch. Matthew Holm has a lawyer's license in Arizona. In 2009, he graduated from Chapman University Law School and entered the legal field responsible for the establishment of the Legal Affairs Department, contracts, real estate related legal issues, bankruptcy, real estate planning and other legal services. After working for several law firms and successfully working as a business lawyer in Phoenix, he established his own law firm in 2013. IBC Law Office

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What a great customer service! Matthew quickly responded to my request, but I thought in advance that I could not help him. Still, he asked me if I could turn him in the right direction for free. The phone was so good that I felt much better about my situation after that. We can't work together now, but we will keep in mind for future reference and introduction. I liked the gesture so much because the service he offered is difficult to find recently. Thank you again!

12/30/2020 11:49am



Matthew is easy to talk with, and his style of communication is very clear. Upfront investment in costs and expectations He is in my database to meet the needs of my small business.

12/26/2020 08:26am



Matt dealt with all my work contracts and he was as good as he could!  He is sensitive, frank, coaching, careful, reliable, reliable, and provides all the necessary things to lawyers.  He is very smart and looks bigger.  He doesn't want to get your money and really cares about his customers.  His reward is really fair to those with his ability, and I really appreciate all he has done for me.

01/01/2021 06:58pm



I am very pleased with Mr. Home's legal guidance. It's much better than the experience of a major law firm that charges a lot for Cookie Cutter solutions. I received a quick response and he presented everything in a straightforward way. I highly recommend it.

12/27/2020 06:38pm



Recently, I received a question about real estate and needed a real estate lawyer, one of many aspects of this law firm. I was able to contact Matthew directly when I first called the company and he spent a lot of time with me. Matthew took the time to listen, so he listened to my story without interrupting it, and then through a few options he chose one of the best options for my situation. I recommend this law office to suit the legal needs. There are also a lot of services, so please check the website!

12/27/2020 06:07pm