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Darius Amiri is the Chief Immigration of the P.C. Rose Law Group. Darius has been 100% dedicated to the implementation of immigration laws since 2011, representing thousands of customers, families, and businesses in the courts, the U.S. Civil Rights and Immigration Bureau, the U.S. consulate, and the U.S. consulate all over the world. Before entering Rose Law Group, in P.C.2020, Darius was a lawyer in charge of the largest immigration law office in Arizona, and later the founder and chief lawyer of the PLLC Family Law Office. Darius survived, breathed, absorbed in his work, his clients were from many nationalities, and his father moved to the United States with a young man.

Established in 2011


An experienced, knowledgeable, positive immigrant agent for business focused on foreigners, families, and customers.

Darius is the Immigration Manager of the P.C. Rose Law Group. Before joining the RLG's fantastic team, Darius is an attorney,  , the head and manager of the PLLC Amiri law firm. It was.  Darius'The focus is on family-centered immigration, employment migration, and deportation and deportation defense. Darius is a fluent Spanish speaker who really cares about his clients and treats them like family members. For Darius, immigrants are personal, and he is when customers win!

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Green cards are thanks to his help! My husband and I are very grateful and I definitely recommend it to the immigration office!

12/26/2020 11:50pm



Darius Amiri is very good. He is thoughtful  Take care, and immediately rest. He is very knowledgeable and in the process receives all the information and checks regularly.  I honestly don't know where he is without him. Not to mention his humor, he makes the whole situation a little hard to bear. Thank you again, Darius! You're a rock star!

12/29/2020 08:20am



First, I would like Darius to help you gain citizenship this year. And I'm really glad to hire such a wonderful lawyer to get through this. My husband also used him two years ago to help him gain citizenship. I strongly advise him to use it by anyone, in any case (even if there is a record), so that he is sure to obtain citizenship. When he appeared in my interview, I was relieved and I was comfortable and comfortable with my interview. Darius first! He's super easy! You'll never let him go, he'll take care of you!

12/26/2020 07:42pm



We worked with Darius on a very complex H1B problem. Darius was able to quickly and quickly provide information and take action quickly.
Darius and his team strongly encourage them to get their knowledge, professionalism and follow-through. All the work of the H1B is that they remain my go-to-partner.

12/25/2020 11:27am



Darius Amiri helped me with my business and got a H-1B visa to get a Ph.D. with advanced technology. From Stockholm Sweden.

It is difficult for anyone to get a visa. We lost most of our hopes as a result of our long-standing efforts from the famous Phoenix Immigration Bureau and failure to do our best. We spent 18 months and spent considerable legal fees to make this happen. To add insult to the injury, the two companies urged the babysitter to continue doing things. It's completely different from paying hundreds of dollars an hour to a hired specialist and actively managing and teaching at the same time.

Get what you think is impossible on the recommendation of an employee who works with Darius. When you work with a large number of companies, you will not be able to reach any place, and ultimately you will be disappointed with the system, because it will take time and money. I know that I have worked with many of the largest and most respected companies in this country. It was exhilarating to me to meet Darius and work together. It was very necessary that we should work with the lawyer who dealt with our case as well as his case. Mr. Amiri told me about his strategy, position and results.

You can get a visa, and now my business offers unmatched skills and services in the industry.

Legal action does not mean that the customer "has done a good deal". In this case, the value of professional services was much higher than the cost. I strongly recommend Mr. Amiri for personal and corporate immigration needs.


01/01/2021 06:27pm



It is very useful to know how a son's fiancee is getting a fiancee visa in Taiwan. He always answered our questions quickly and did a hard job preparing and submitting the necessary documents.

12/28/2020 12:27pm



Darius dealt with the matter of my wife's entrance into the Court. We received many questions, and Darius always answered and gave us advice. This case was not incredibly complex, but I think Darius had gained much experience and gave him good advice. I had to go back and forth for a while because of the errors in the papers, but I found out everything after all. Our incident was very smooth and we got green cards earlier than expected!

12/30/2020 10:28am



Darius, thank you very much for bringing my brother out of that terrible camp. I am very happy to know that I will continue to fight for my brother's case. I am very happy that a good reputation in Arizona has led you to my brother in California. Recommended! He is very sensitive and honest. The best lawyer! And thank you for answering many of our questions! !!

01/01/2021 05:02am



Darius is completely professional. My family made use of his job for the purpose of immigration. Anyone looking for a legal representative on immigration issues will introduce him.

12/30/2020 01:47pm



This  very good  Confirmed  I must admit that I am attracted to the founder Darius Amiri. He is not my type, but a fool  Hey, it's thick. He helped me not to be deported and said this was a good thing.

12/29/2020 08:12pm